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What's Going On :  King Records Month
Date posted:  September 1, 2015
Posted by:  Nancy Yerian
Photos/images: www.kingstudios.org

This September marks the 72nd anniversary of the first songs recorded for the Cincinnati
label, King Records. In September 1943 Syd Nathan convinced two WLW radio performers,
Grandpa Jones and Merle Travis, to go along with his latest brainstorm - a record company
based in Cincinnati. This four-song session would lead to King Records producing nearly 30
years of music in all genres while based out of the Queen City. September will be a month long
celebration, honoring the founding of Syd’s company, and its contribution to American music,
with events planned for every weekend. Over 28 events (mostly free) include concerts,
displays, author visits, plays, album listening parties, radio shows, and even a chance to buy
your own King vinyl or compact discs at a discounted price.

Celebrate the Legacy of King Records with a Month of Events!  View the full calendar of events
here, and learn more about King Studios at their Website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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