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What's Going On :  iSPACE STEM Educator Academy
Date posted:  October 1, 2015
Posted by:  iSPACE
Photos/images:  iSPACE

The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation is committed to providing a means for greater
accomplishment on the part of Ohio’s teachers, to encourage creativity in teaching and to bring
greater recognition to the teaching profession.  iSPACE, the premier provider of STEM (science,
technology, engineering and math) learning in the Greater Cincinnati Region, has been
recognized by the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation with a grant of $19,000 to provide a STEM
Educator Academy.

Thanks to that grant, iSPACE is offering the iSPACE STEM Educator Academy, a free educator
professional development opportunity to experience STEM learning first-hand and translate
these into effective classroom instructional strategies and techniques.  Educators learn how to
enhance teaching of STEM content so students develop critical-thinking skills while learning
meaningful content. Participants receive a field trip opportunity as well as increased leadership
capacity to sustain changes with STEM education in their school/district.

The 2015 iSPACE STEM Educator Academy, which aligns with national and state educational
standards and complement teaching curricula, is for third grade educators and begins on October
28th.  Applications for enrollment are due by October 11th.  Enrollment is open but limited.

To learn more and signup, visit

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