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What's Going On :  Magnified Giving Summer Philanthropy Camp for Kids
Date posted: March 1, 2017
Posted by:   Magnified Giving
Photos:   Magnified Giving
Magnified Giving, whose mission is to educate, inspire and engage students in life-long philanthropy, is
launching a series of Summer philanthropy camps, Camp Give, for children ages 6 to 14.  Each weeklong camp
will provide an opportunity for children to learn about local non-profit organizations, have hands-on giving
experiences and determine a grant award to be given to participating charities. Camp Give will be lead by two
Magnified Giving alumnae, Julie Gyure and Caroline Ray, whose own experiences in the Magnified Giving
program inspired them to develop and implement Camp Give for the next generation. Funding for the youth
philanthropy camps is generously provided by the Josephine Schell Russell Charitable Trust, PNC Bank Trustee.

“There is nothing quite like Camp Give in this region,” stated Kelly Collison, Executive Director at Magnified
Giving. “The camps will allow the children to build social skills and connections, and through hands-on
activities they will gain knowledge about community needs.  Further, they’ll come to see that their time and
talent is a gift to share, and they’ll gain a voice in helping others.”  Unique to Magnified Giving’s summer camp
experience, the children will award monetary grants to local charities at the conclusion of the camp.  A portion
of the camp fee will go towards these charitable grants for local organizations combating childhood hunger and

Magnified Giving’s Camp Give will be held at its Center for Youth Philanthropy in Evendale.  The focus of the
2017 Camp Give is Childhood Poverty.  This focus will provide opportunities for the participants to learn about
and engage with local charities, such as Childhood Food Solutions, UpSpring and OTR Community Housing.
Summer camps for youth ages 6 to 8 and 9 to 11 will be held three (3) consecutive weeks, June 12th thru the
16th, June 19th thru the 23rd and June 26th thru the 30th.  A camp for youth ages 12 to 14 will be held July
10th thru 14th.  Registration for the camp opened February 15th, with closing May 15th (or sooner, if camps are
filled).  Camps will run daily from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Cost is $210 per camp per child; an additional fee is
applicable for early drop-off or late pick-up.  To register, please visit www.magnifiedgiving.org/c. For more
information, please call 513-733-9727.

Those interested in supporting Magnified Giving, sponsoring a school program or providing any resources for
operational support are asked to contact Kelly Collison at 513-733-9727 or Kelly@magnfiedgiving.org.  
Donations can be made online at www.magnifiedgiving.org.

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