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What's Going On :  The YWCA Women’s Art Gallery presents Driven to Abstraction
Date posted: June 1, 2015
Posted by:   YWCA Women's Art Gallery
Image/graphic:  Provided by Women's Art Gallery - YWCA of Greater Cincinnati
Take a break from the frenetic pace of modern life with a visit to the summer exhibit at
the YWCA Women’s Art Gallery, featuring four local women artists whose work rests
firmly outside the figurative realm.

On a mission to provide a space for art exhibitions by and about women and provide
educational programs for diverse audiences, the YWCA Women’s Art Gallery presents

Driven to Abstraction
featuring the artwork of:

  • Angela Lotito Mehter is inspired by the many unanswered questions posed by the
    artistic process. In art, there are always questions, but there are never complete
    answers, leading to endless possibilities and surprises. Angela’s recent paintings are
    experiments in abstraction, using line and movement to divide space and highlight

  • CK Nichelson is fascinated by the interaction between viewer and painting, noting
    that abstract work invites contemplation. She works in new acrylic materials, and
    poured medium, applying them layer by layer in an ongoing “conversation” with
    the work. Her paintings represent the very essence of being human. They are a
    collection of experiences, with unique layers-both transparent and opaque.

  • Donna Talerico’s recent work pushes the boundaries between representation and
    abstraction, forging into lost edges and less articulation of subject matter. She loves
    the total freedom that abstract painting allows. Her work is unrestrained, with bold
    color and loose brushwork. She uses this more spontaneous painting style to
    celebrate shapes and patterns of color and light in a process she finds both
    inspirational and totally seductive.

  • Liz Zorn’s recent works are somewhat of an amalgamation-a fusion of style and
    technique that has been her signature for the past twenty-five years.   She
    incorporates both texture and layers of color in paintings that range from hard line
    color field landscapes to non-objective monochromatic gestures. Liz keeps her work
    fresh and herself honest by painting whatever is in her head at the moment.

Driven to Abstraction opens on Friday, June 12th and runs through September 10, 2015.

The YWCA Women’s Art Gallery is located on the second floor of the YWCA, 898 Walnut
Street (on the corner of 9th and Walnut), downtown. Gallery hours are Monday through
Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., or by special arrangement – please call 241-7090 for more

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