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What's Going On :  Power of the Vote Celebrates Voting Rights Act of 1965
Date posted: January 1, 2015
Posted by:  National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
Image/graphic:  Provided by National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
The Freedom Center highlights the 50th Anniversary Year of landmark Civil Rights legislation.

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965,
Power of the Vote, a
temporary exhibit at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, explores and chronicles
the history of voting rights in America from the Reconstruction Era to the Civil Rights Movement
to present day.

Through stories and compelling images,
Power of the Vote enhances the Freedom Center’s
permanent exhibitions by providing visitors an opportunity to learn about a key inalienable right
guaranteed to all – the right to vote – which today, more than ever, makes the United States
Power of the Vote seeks not only to educate the public about the progress made since
Reconstruction but also to underscore the power one vote can have.

“This exhibit is so powerful because it not only educates, it inspires,” said Clarence G. Newsome,
PhD, president of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. “It serves as a timely
reminder to current and future generations that the birthright of voting was not originally open to
all – it was a hard fought right for African Americans and other minorities, a right that must be
exercised responsibly and frequently.”

The most compelling piece featured in the exhibit, on loan from the Ohio History Connection, is an
actual voting machine that was used in a Franklin County polling station in every general election
from 1955 until 1994. Museum goers of all ages can experience how to cast a vote.

Power of the Vote runs through March 2015 at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

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