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What's Going On :  Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park Off the Hill presents Bird Brain
Date posted: April 1, 2015
Posted by:   Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
Photo:  Provided by Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park’s popular Off the Hill series for
families wraps up its 2014-15 season with Vern Thiessen’s
charming and funny fable full of laughs and the lesson that strange
behavior isn’t always foolish. Recommended for ages 5 and up,
will tour to community venues throughout the Tristate from April
10 through May 23.

Based on the story Vogelkopp by Albert Wendt,
BIRD BRAIN tells the tale
of a kindhearted woodcutter who finds a nest of freezing baby birds and
decides to give them a warm home under his hat. The problem is that he
lives in a world where tipping your hat to others is not only a courtesy, but
also the law, with severe punishments for disobeying. The woodcutter
finds himself torn between doing what he feels is right and following the
social norms.
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“I am so looking forward to this delightful play for this most delightful of audiences,” says Playhouse Education
Director Mark Lutwak, who will direct the production and serve as the sound designer.  “It’s very simple, but beautiful
and fantastical,” adds Lutwak. “As with a lot of theatre for this age group, we celebrate the imagination of the story by
engaging the imagination of the viewers.”

BIRD BRAIN begins in a forest and returns there a couple of times, so I wanted an environment that set the mood for
this cold, wooded land,” says set designer Christopher Boone. “I realized we didn’t need any graphics to tell this story,
just panels of fabric, a couple of hat stands to hold hats and costume pieces, and a lot of imagination, which is perfect
for younger elementary students.” Both the set and costumes feature simple bits of fabric that get folded, twisted and
used in multiple ways. The music and sound effects will be created vocally by the actors.

BIRD BRAIN will tour to nearly 20 community venues (click here to see venue schedule and related information).  
Admission is free or inexpensive and is available at the door.  Details vary by location. Contact the individual sites for
tickets and prices.

More information is available on the Playhouse website at

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